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Sue's little helpers - Lets talk Turkey!

From cooking instructions to our most popular frequently asked question. You will find the below.

What should I get if most of my family like breast meat?

Sue says “Get a whole turkey but also a small breast joint”

I want something easy to cook, what do you suggest?

Sue says “Boned and rolled turkey joints with either breast and leg meat or just breast meat are easy to cook and even easier to carve”

I want something different this year, what do you recommend?

Paul says “Our 2.5kg Duck Royal Roast joints made with duck, chicken and partridge are easy to carve and are full of flavour”

What should I get if most of my family like dark meat?

Paul says “Bronze Turkeys have a slightly gamey flavour and are more like the leg meat of a white turkey”

How much meat do I need?

For whole Turkeys you will need approximately 500-600g/1lb per serving.
For a goose you will need approximately 600-750g/1-1.5lb per serving.
For any of our boneless joints we recommend at least 250g per serving.
Don’t forget leftovers!
A 7kg Turkey will feed a family of 7 on Christmas day and Boxing day.

When you get home

Remove the giblets from the bird and store them separately in the refrigerator with your turkey
Cook your Turkey within 2-3 days
Remove turkey from the fridge up to 2 hours before cooking to allow it to reach room temperature
Once cooked keep leftover meat refrigerated for up to a maximum of 4 days

Cooking your turkey

Heat Oven to 220C/GAS 7
Place bird in a tray on top of chopped carrots/onions/leeks/celery
Rub butter over bird and season with salt and pepper
Cover bird with streaky bacon and place in oven for 25minutes
Remove the bacon; baste the bird in its juices
Pour ½ bottle of wine into tray, cover tray with a foil tent, not touching the bird
Place back into oven at 160C and cook for 10-12minutes per 1lb/500g (Birds on the bone)
Or 15minutes per 1lb/500g (Boned and rolled joints)
20 minutes before end of time take off foil to brown the bird
Use pop up timer or probe to see when 65C is reached or
Push knife into fattest part of breast to see if juices run clear.
Cook for further 20minutes if needed
Leave the turkey to rest for 30minutes before carving


Cook Time 
2 - 2.5 hours 
2.5 - 3 hours 
3.5 hours 
5 hours

Feeds Approx. 

Cooking your Goose

Heat Oven to 200C/GAS 6
Prick the skin and rub butter over the goose before seasoning with salt and pepper
Cover legs with spare fat from inside of goose
Line tray with foil and place goose breast side up onto the foil on a trivet or rack (if you have one)
Cover the goose with foil and cook for 15 minutes per 500g/1lb plus 20minutes
After 1 hour baste goose, and put goose fat onto your roast potatoes to make them extra crispy
30 minutes before the end baste goose again and leave uncovered to brown
Use pop up timer to help indicate when the goose is cooked
Leave the goose covered and rest for 20minutes before carving

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